Chummies meet every Tuesday and Thursday during the Winter Season 1400 - 1600

It is open to members and non members alike. The idea is for individual bowlers to have a competitive game of bowls without joining a league.

A number of Rinks are booked in advance and the monies are paid at the Sports Village. When bowlers arrive they take a rink number and bowling position from the hat and the teams are made up accordingly. It is a good way for bowlers who do not wish to join the club permanently (although if they play regularly it is financially advantageous to do so) or if they do not wish to commit to a League. It is also a good way for new bowlers to learn the game.

It is proving very popular and a small amount is added to the fees to cover prize money for the winning rink.

Why not come and have a go and enjoy the afternoon.

Fees  £4.00 for Members or £7.00 for Non Members Plus 30p Prize Fund